Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Chondroitin

Fifty years with chondroitin

Fischer and Boedeker isolated chondroitin from the cartilage.

Meyer started full scale research.

Prof. Fujio Egami (Tokyo University) studied chondroitin as a drug for headache.

Zeria tablets made by Kaken Yaku (president at that time, Kisaku Ibe, founder of Zeria) became widely accepted.

Kisaku Ibe established Zeria Yakusho Laboratory (which became Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

It launched Zeria Beauty Pack, etc. in series.

It launched a chondroitin drug, Chondroitin powder Z.

It launched a prescription drug, Chondroitin Z tablets.

It launched an OTC drug, Chondroitin ZS tablets.

Father of Chondroitin in Japan

Prof. Fujio Egami of Tokyo University is the first person to evolve the research on chondroitin in Japan. The first theme of Prof. Egami was chondroitin as a headache remedy. As chondroitin was reported to be very effective on headache without any adverse effect, commercialization of chondroitin was started.

Commercialization of chondroitin

While Prof. Egami and others consulted with other specialists such as Dr. Yoshio Ohshima (Professor Emeritus of Tokyo University), they succeeded in first production on an industrial scale of chondroitin in the world in 1950 with the financial assistance of Mr. Keizo Shibasawa, who is a grand son of Mr. Eiichi Shibasawa, father of the Japanese capitalism, and held positions of the governor of the Bank of Japan and Minister of Finance.

Success of Zeria Tablets

Kisaku Ibe (founder of Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) met chondroitin through Mr. Keizo Shibusawa. “Zeria Tablets”, chondroitin sulfate formulation, has become a very successful product.

Foundation of Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Chondroitin

In December of 1955, Kisaku Ibe established Zeria Yakusho Laboratory, which launched chondroitin-containing cosmetics, which rejuvenate cells through the skin, one after another. After that, it started a medical drug department, and launched chondroitin sulfate as a drug. It launched Chondroitin Z tablets and Chondroitin ZS tablets one after another, thereby establishing the foundation of the current company, Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Now, it is the age of chondroitin

The 21st century is the century of a society in which the population becomes highly aged, and drugs for radical curing of chronic pains will grow greatly. In this field, our drug has become the number drug, and its market share will expand further.

Philosophy of the Founder

"The age of biochemistry will come in the future."
In 1955, when antibiotics and synthetic drugs were most popular and dominant, Zeria thought that without creativity, there would be no development and no progress in business, paid attention to the natural curing power and homeostasis of humans, and decided to specialize in biochemical products and biological products.

Origin of the Company Name

There is a terminology, gerontology, and in the latter half of 1950, words of "geriatrics", evoking the age of rejuvenation became popular. It means to cure diseases by increasing resistance, and it was decided to adopt it to our company name for it is appropriate for a company of biochemical formulations. We think that drugs for curing are used transiently, and drugs for prevention are drugs which strengthen the own healing power of humans, that is, they are health and medicinal food in one aspect as well as drugs in another aspect, and are mainly the ones that can be used for a long period of time.

Biochemical formulations

Starting with chondroitin sulfate which is the major constituent of the connective tissues and the joint cartilage, Zeria launched biochemical formulations rich in originality such as Royal Jelly which has an adjusting action on the autonomous nerve, and liver hydrolysate which have a regeneration accelerating effect on the liver cells, thereby completing “Hepa-Chon-Royall” which is the origin of Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and Zeria is making further progresses today.

And Zeria Five

With the listing of Zeria stocks in the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1998, its symbol marks and logo were renewed, and new corporate spirits.

Zeria Five

Zeria Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Chondroitin